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Books in My Handbag

“Jessie, I have to tell you I love your blog – it’s difficult to find an original angle, but you’ve found it. I’m too old and too tired to change now, but it’s an absolute delight to follow your exciting new approach – well done you xx”Anne Williams

“This has got to be my favourite book blogger – she’s supportive of authors, lots of fun & very perceptive in her reviews. Well done, Jessie!” Alex Johnson

“Thanks to #blogger extraordinaire @BooksInHandbag for all her support for #writers ” Angela Petch

Our Jessie’s  bit of a wag:
She doesn’t think reading’s a drag.
Her authors, excited
To be so invited
All send her their books for her bag.

Patricia Feinberg Stoner


About Jessie Cahalin

Jessie originally hails from Yorkshire, but lives in Wales with her husband.  She has been charmed by the land of music and rain, but still misses real fish and chips and Yorkshire folk.

Following completion of her degree and teaching qualification at Leeds University, Jessie commenced her teaching career in the South East of England. The southern people made it clear to her that she is a northerner and she delighted in this identity. She met her husband here, and he introduced her to good food and good wine; but he still hasn’t convinced her of the importance of football (soccer).

She has been very dedicated to developing her career in education, but her heart has always been in writing.  She delighted in writing from a young age, and has now taken the opportunity to write a novel, “You Can’t Go It Alone” for the first time, which is available from Amazon.

Over the years, Jessie has read a huge range of books from the classics to modern, contemporary literature. The Kindle has opened up her world of reading, even further, and she loves to navigate through the reviews to find new authors.

In her spare time, Jessie listens in to other people’s stories, collects interesting observations and researches her family history.  She regrets that she didn’t collect more of her grandparents’ stories before they passed away, and hassles her family for any information that they may have.

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More About Me

Dr Carol Cooper has interviewed me about blogging and writing; it was fun to be answering someone else’s questions for once. Read it here at:

Peeking Inside the Book Blogger’s Bag



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  1. Hi Jessie
    This looks as though it’s going to be really interesting.
    I am a big fan of short stories and I would like to recommend the short stories by Jane Gardam for your handbag. I have been reading her stories since I was a teenager, and she always seems to have something intriguing to say.

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