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Tuscany – a novel, inspired by where I live and the tourists I’ve observed

Tuscany – a novel, Fay Henson







Inspired by a life in Tuscany and fuelled by her tourist gazing hobby, Fay Henson has written her debut novel.  The glow of a Tuscan summer is hidden in the pages of ‘Tuscany – a novel’. Become a teenager again, run away with Caylin and banish the winter chill. 

The author is very keen to invite you into the pages of the book. Get ready to receive some text messages.  Meanwhile, here is a message from the author.

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to present Tuscany – a novel. This extract was chosen because the reader can sympathise with the parents whilst also supporting Caylin teenage quest to reach Siena.

Caylin has stopped to rest a while from hitchhiking and opens her concerned parents’ text messages. Her parents discover she’s left the hotel in search for people her own age in the city of Siena. The messages aren’t a huge surprise to the determined seventeen year-old.

I believe that you will be tempted to pop Tuscany – a novel, a New Adult Romance into your handbags to support Caylin in times of need.  You will need to be right behind her as the reunion between daughter and parents approaches.  Add to that of course, the sun, Italian culture and first love to warm you up.

I hope you love Caylin and the city of Siena as much as I do.

Best wishes,



Caylin opens her concerned parents’ text messages

I dug around in my bag to find my phone amongst all my stuff and the unravelled twenty-euro notes; found it. Both Mum and Dad had tried to call me. Well I hadn’t heard my phone ringing, probably because of the traffic along the road. I’d also received some text messages too which I had better open.

What do you think you’re doing, Caylin?! You should turn round and come back to the hotel right now. If that’s difficult, let me know where you are and I’ll get someone to come and pick you up. I don’t know what’s got into you! Dad

I supposed that text was only to be expected. I opened Mum’s next.

Dear Caylin, I don’t suppose you’d understand how worried we are about you, you’re alone in a country you know little about, and what about the language? Please come back, we can do different things together, we can make it more fun. And PLEASE contact us as soon as poss. We love you very much Mum xxx

That one too.

I decided it was best not to call them because I was sure it’d be really difficult to get a word in edgeways and really, if I was honest, I was afraid they’d talk me into going back or I’d accidentally let on where I was exactly, not that I really knew anyway.

About the Book

First love in Tuscany

Caylin is desperate to find fun on holiday with people her own age.  During her daring and turbulent stay in Siena, Caylin experiences amongst many emotions, jealousy, hate, fear and her first real love.  All the while, her two best friends back in Bristol wait for her message updates, albeit sometimes shocking.

What Reviewers Say

‘I really enjoyed it! I’m sure that the character of Caylin is one that a lot of teenagers will be able to relate to. I found the descriptions of the Italian landscape and Siena itself to be very accurate. I hope there’s going to be a sequel. I’d recommend it to everyone, particularly teenagers.’

‘It really bought the sights and sounds of Tuscany to life together with the underlying story of Caylin’s adventures – having to learn quickly about herself, love and life. A good story whether at home or as a holiday read.’

Fay Henson

About Fay….

A few years ago, myself and my husband made the ‘now or never’ decision to relocate with our three children from the south west of England to Tuscany, Italy. I soon discovered that I was in the perfect place for writing travel articles and commenced with writing for an online website and a monthly insert for an Italian magazine, all the while I was harbouring a passion for novel writing.

When I can, I like to take my Fox Terrier Bobby for walks and to think over a story.  I don’t live far from Siena and says that it’s an amazing place, filled with pizza, coffee, ice-cream, shops, university students, tourists and of course, sunshine and history.  A perfect setting for Tuscany – a novel.

Now I’ve completed my first book, Tuscany – a novel, inspired by where I live and the tourists I’ve observed.

Once the book was completed, I felt elated, it was to be my first novel, and when I was shown the cover design I was the luckiest person on earth.  I adored being inside Caylin’s mind, her thoughts about Joe and the guts she showed in various situations.  But it’s not possible to stop writing about Caylin, so now she’s currently developing on the pages in a new story.

I am very partial to a Tuscan escape, and I am sure this will be a fabulous read.  The best of luck to Fay with the debut novel.  Happy people watching!


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