My handbag is bursting at the seams

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Dear Authors,

My handbag is bursting at the seams…  

Thank you so much for the lovely review requests.

I have been overwhelmed with such lovely requests and have a long reading list for the next few days.

The selected books are listed at the end of this document. 

Authors work tirelessly to tell their stories, and the stories deserve to be sipped slowly, and savoured, like a good wine.  But don’t worry, I get drunk on words and not wine when I am reviewing!!!

The good news is that the handbag will have room again soon. You will find examples of my reviews on My Reading page at


The latest additions to my list:

Now and Then in Tuscany, Angela Petch

Press Three for Goodbye, Diane Need

A Summer of Surprises and an Unexpected Affair, Jan Ellis

Practicing Normal, Cara Sue Achterberg


My current reading list:

Tell Me No Secrets, Lynda Stacey

Just for the Holidays, Sue Moorcroft (release date:  18th May)

The Lost Girl, Carol Drinkwater (release date 29th June)


See the full details on my Review Requests page.

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