Love blogging, reviewing and moving authors to tears

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Thank you to everyone who regularly visits my website and a massive thank you to my wonderful subscribers.  I have been overwhelmed with the praise for my website and book reviews.  Angela Petch captured my motivation perfectly when she wrote that ‘your blog shows me that you are a true book lover.’

I am dedicated to reviewing authors’ books as it is simple act of kindness that lets them know that they are valued.  For instance, Sue Moorcroft responded to a review with ‘There are few things that give me greater pleasure than people enjoying my book.’ Carol Drinkwater wrote that my review was a ‘wonderful surprise’. Authors are the wordsmiths, the dream weavers and storytellers and it is an honour to read their work.  It has made me so happy to discover that Angela Petch was ‘moved to tears’ by my review, and Jan Ellis said that my review made her ‘well up’.  It was a delight to receive Diane Need’s comment that she was ‘so thrilled with the review of her debut novel’.

In addition, to writing the weekly review, I have also enjoyed interacting with the authors about their characters.  Angela Petch has updated me on Giuseppe, Marisa, Francesco, Anna, Ines, Danilo and the little horses of San Francesco from Now and Then in Tuscany. Diane Need has sent messages from Beth in Press Three for Goodbye. Jan Ellis has kept me posted with regard Eleanor’s social life in A Summer of Surprises. I have exchanged postcards with Leah in Just for the Holidays and as Sue Moorcroft said, ‘it was so much fun’. I will catch up with Leah again soon when I read the book.

This week I am reviewing Practicing Normal by Cara Sue Achterberg and feel honoured to have read this before the official release.  I know that I will not be able to resist reading Sue Moorcroft’s Just for the Holidays and The Bookshop Detective by Jan Ellis.  Angela’s Tuscan Roots is also speaking Italian to me.  The Vineyard in Alsace by Julie Stock is tempting me with dreams of wine. I wonder if any other authors will be moved to tears of joy by the reviews?


Please visit to read my reviews and subscribe to receive the weekly updates.

2 thoughts on “Love blogging, reviewing and moving authors to tears”

  1. Many thanks, Jessie, for your lovely blog. I just hope you don’t make too many people cry with your reviews.

    I think you should try to publicise your book a little more. It would be good to reciprocate and you are spending a lot of energy on your reviews of our books.

    I count myself very fortunate to have happened upon you – the first person who blogged me, a new author. It has given me such a boost.

    Angela Petch, Tuscany Now and Then, Tuscan Roots

  2. ‘It was so much fun creating postcards on behalf of Leah from Just for the Holidays. Jessie from Books in my Handbag had this great idea that we should exchange postcards and I took her quite literally and began making them on Canva. I enjoyed using the postcards as teasers for the book – and it was a bit of a test of my ingenuity to keep them from being spoilers!’
    Sue Moorcroft, Just for the Holidays

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