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Books in My Handbag is delighted to present the handbags of authors and their books. This celebration of authors’ work has been a great success, with over 150 bags already in the gallery.

Every single composition sets the scene and tells a story.  There are themes such as mystery, escapism, adventure and romance.  The images demonstrate the fact that authors are fun story-tellers who absolutely adore a creative challenge!

“What an outstanding array of books in such a short time. And the various manners of presentation too. From Sue Johnson‘s Bollywood Bling to Tracie Banister‘s Super Mario posing as a chef, the gallery surely has something for everyone. And might I also say that ‘Beyond all Doubt’ this is one of the greatest initiatives I have seen in recent months.” Paige Elizabeth Turner 

“Thank you Jessie!  I LOVE what you’re doing and following you!  Especially loved the dance around the handbag party!  I SO needed some espresso after that one!” ?? Jenn Bregman


Please click on pictures for more information about the books.

Note that I have not reviewed all of these books. Please check out the Books in Handbag page or My Reading page for the books that I have reviewed.


If you would like to place a picture of your handbag in my Handbag Gallery then please email me a picture to


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  1. Thank you, Jessie, for adding my book(s) in a handbag to your fabulous page! Love the idea. I was so pleasantly surprised to be invited. Thank you so much. Made my day. Caz

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