Bloggers’ Cafe

A warm welcome and an Americano with Jessie Cahalin.

A warm welcome to Bloggers’ Cafe!  Step inside and I will introduce you to some special blogger friends of Books in my Handbag. These wonderful people inspire me with their creativity, support and generosity. Take a seat, let the bloggers recommend something from the menu and peek into their world.  Let their blogs enrich your creativity.  So, go on, join their blogs and have a chat with them.



Click on the pictures to take you to the Bloggers’ websites.



13 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Cafe”

    1. Glad you could make it. Did Eric Seagull help you to find the way? What would you like to drink? Would you like a snack?

      1. Mine’s a latte
        And maybe a donut
        Eric ain’t fussy…but is partial to a triple jam sarnie. And herbal tea…

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