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Once upon a time my shelves were groaning with the weight of a lifetime of purchases. I didn’t have the money to move so I had to take the books to the charity shop. Inspired by all of those women, in all of those novels; it felt great to be helping others and starting a new life.

Several weeks later, after many car trips, I was stressed, and I heard some dramatic music playing in my head..da! da! dum! Following the music, there was a silence…. I was throwing away all of the voices that had influenced me over the years – but then Mr Kindle came to the rescue. I can now carry all of the narrative voices, with me, in my handbag – result! And now, I will share the books in my handbag with my readers.

Anyway, here goes. I am excited at the idea of blogging and mapping out my interest and comments. Obviously, I can’t fit my ideas in my handbag so I will have to put them here. I am prepared that this could be rather chaotic, but if people read it then I will feel committed to them. Let’s face it, this is just another way of talking, and if no one listens then I will just talk to myself.

Please see Books in Handbag or My Reading to see which books I have reviewed in my handbag.

If you would like to know about what inspired me to write a book see My Writing.



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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Books in my Handbag”

  1. Dear Sue,

    Developing a blog is like designing a new room for people to visit and you are my first guest. Many thanks for visiting a room that has yet to be plastered and decorated – you have a great imagination.

    I would recommend that you read Lucinda Reilly’s Seven Sisters Series but refer to My Reading for others.

    What books would you place in my handbag?

    Happy reading!


  2. I like your choice of name for your blog – Books in my Handbag – it’s intriguing. Are you going to recommend some books that you’ve enjoyed?

    Good luck with your blog Jessie!

    Sue Deans

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