A rapid read in my handbag

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A rapid read in my handbag 

A Chick-Lit book to distract you at the airport.

Alternatively, have a drink, put your feet up and enjoy Beth’s company. 



Press Three for Goodbye 

Diane Need

Many thanks to Diane for requesting a review and providing me with a copy of her novel.

This is a quick read that will entertain.  You will sail through the narrative but expect some choppy water.

Please see My Reading for the full review.

One thought on “A rapid read in my handbag”

  1. I am so thrilled with the review of my debut novel, Press Three for Goodbye, by Jessie Cahalin of Books in my Handbag. Jessie was professional, friendly and patient – especially with me being new to publishing. I feel very privileged to be listed amongst some very talented authors, too. Thank you, Jessie, for this brilliant opportunity.

    Diane Need

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