A rapid read in my handbag

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A rapid read in my handbag 

A Chick-Lit book to distract you at the airport.

Alternatively, have a drink, put your feet up and enjoy Beth’s company. 



Press Three for Goodbye 

Diane Need

Many thanks to Diane for requesting a review and providing me with a copy of her novel.

This is a quick read that will entertain.  You will sail through the narrative but expect some choppy water.

Please see My Reading for the full review.

Originally posted 2017-04-29 10:19:56.

1 thought on “A rapid read in my handbag”

  1. I am so thrilled with the review of my debut novel, Press Three for Goodbye, by Jessie Cahalin of Books in my Handbag. Jessie was professional, friendly and patient – especially with me being new to publishing. I feel very privileged to be listed amongst some very talented authors, too. Thank you, Jessie, for this brilliant opportunity.

    Diane Need

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